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Hare Apparent

Hare Apparent is a dialogue-based roleplaying game in which the player must participate in a social elimination scenario. As one of five pretenders competing to be chosen as the ruler of a kingdom of woodland creatures, the player must apply their real-world social chops and strategic skills to be the last candidate standing and win the crown. A narrative-first experience, Hare Apparent is designed to generate emergent stories. With the randomization of simulated relationships and conversations, no two players will ever have an identical playthrough. This personalization means that each session will create its own user story, a mini-narrative singular to that experience. As opposed to pre-crafted moments that every player will always experience, emergent narrative is designed to build greater personal connection to the game experience through the knowledge that it is up to the player to invest meaning in their personal narrative. Hare Apparent is designed as an organic social simulation. This means the minimization of gamified elements, such as explicitly viewable meters, counters, or other indicators that are inaccessible in any real interaction. As information is conveyed to the player purely through dialogue, all feedback is diegetic– meaning that it exists in the story world as well, in that both the player and the player character are receiving the same information. By removing barriers between the player and the role they are embodying, this project is designed to foster meaningful social roleplaying in a new and unique discrete structure.