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Rainbow Quest

RAINBOW QUEST! Game affirms the diversity, culture, and milestones of the LGBTQ+ community (including your own). An educational and hilarious activity suitable for ages 11 years & up. Players discover hidden talents as they visit a variety of rainbow color-coded challenges along the path to LGBTQ+ discovery. Within the first round of the game, the ‘cool’ players reveal some vulnerability, and shy players find the voice they didn’t realize they had! All start at the bleak world and advance until a player arrives at the colorful better world. Ages 11 and Up This is the most wholesome ‘gay’ game available, and adult players are free to expand and elaborate if they prefer a more risqué experience. Heck, you can play this game with your own parents or children! You don’t have to be gay yourself to enjoy or even win this game. Non-gay people often win. We promise. RAINBOW QUEST! is as much about the journey as the destination! Difficulty Level: Beginners may reject the first card selected, placing it at the back of its color section and select another. Advanced players respond to the first card selected. Playing Time: Approximately 40 minutes. For fewer than5 players, use both dice, but advance only the number indicated on one of the two dice. If the group has limited time or more than 5 players, use both dice and choose to advance the number of spaces indicated by either of the two numbers shown on the dice or the sum of the two. RAINBOW QUEST! is great with as few as two players, but the optimal number of players is 3 – 8. For larger groups, form teams of players, selecting one representative for each turn. Recommended for players who may not be comfortable reading aloud.